"I feel every bit of your message, I got chills listening to you speak life into me. I could cry right now. I LOVE YOU RESPECT”


"I am so happy I found your page! You are a so instrumental to so many peoples spiritual development & I sincerely wanted to thank you”


"I appreciate you using your platform to try and make a difference ❤ Thank you for sharing your light & positivity 😓 this world is mad and losing all sight of human decency. We need more LEADERS like you.”


"Gotta love everything about you your positive vibes your brain and your beauty. I start my day off with your positivity and I keep the message that you speak in mind all day and it helps me get by. I wanna say thank you for the positivity and everything that comes with it and keep up the EXCELLENT work love ❤”


"You are truly an inspiration to me. I listen to one of your videos everyday. It has helped me understand that I am powerful and that I am blessed beyond measures. Listening to the podcast you were on enlightened my soul. I wish you could have a retreat here in South Carolina it would be amazing. I would love to come to the next one when you have one.”


"Hey Ajna, idk how I got to following you on instagram but I feel as if it’s a blessing. You’ve kept me on this right track & have opened my mind to the my soul. Thank you for what you do for us everyday. Bless you ❤”


"Hi Ajna, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you. I thank you so much. Because of you is the reason why I chose a path towards spirituality. Spirituality, you, and your love has opened my mind to see myself, world and the universe from a more loving, positive, and logical mindset and attitude. You are a beautiful inspiration. I truly believe it is important to radiate and become a loving and beautiful energy, so for that I thank you. Peace, love and blessings to you ❤”


"Hi I just wanna thank you on one of your lives I said that I am pregnant and that I just found out and that I was scared to tell my mom well I told her we both cried but at the end of the day her love never changed but my dad a different story he won’t accept it and other ppl in my life are calling me all types of thing but I have listen to and just ignore then and told them to have a blessed life I’m leaving negativity behind.”


"Great Day Beautiful Soul! I just wanted to say THANK YOU!! My soul needed a spark and it found your light, and I APPRECIATE YOU! May you continue to be blessed in and by the Divine Spirit! Much Gratitude & Love. Illona ❤”